We're a specialist eLearning services provider for the international development sector

About Inclusiv Education

Inclusiv Education was established in response to need from Save the Children Australia's social venture company, Inclusiv Ventures, for a partner in eLearning technology and services. 

Founders Steve Watt and John Marsh bring a combination of industry experience in enterprise learning technology support services and international development program delivery and it follows that our business specialises in educational technologies and services provision to Development Organisations such as INGO’s.

Our Ethos

Capacity building

We seek to work in ways which support capacity building in the countries in which we work.  We aspire to help generations of educators and trainers develop the skills necessary to effectively use eLearning to increase access to high quality of education and training.  Through our partnership with Inclusiv Ventures and their Joint Venture partner, Save the Children, we co-design programs which

  • train teachers, lecturers and education volunteers to prepare and design eLearning courses

  • mentor them to successfully facilitate courses

  • and establish local technical support, training and eLearning consulting capabilities

How Inclusiv Education is a different kind of partner

International Development and Enterprise eLearning services experience

Unlike a conventional EdTech services provider, Inclusiv Education

...translates the high degree of Development & Humanitarian literacy its staff bring through its relationship with Incusiv Ventures and Save the Children into tailored learning platforms and local learning and training services, appropriate for Development Organisations and developing economies.


Unlike a Tech4Development specialist, Inclusiv Education:

...has global supplier and collaboration networks with leading mainstream EdTech firms including a number of certified Moodle Partners.  Through our partnerships and networks we have staff who bring decades of experience in EdTech executive management and delivery of large scale projects with government and corporate partners.

About our sister company, Inclusiv Ventures.

The mission of Inclusiv Ventures is to develop  social ventures which bring sustainable solutions to poverty and exclusion through partnerships between the private sector, donors and development organisations.

Inclusiv Ventures works in partnership with some of the world's leading corporations and development organisations.


Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children. As a global organisation, in 2018 Save the Children directly reached more than 40 million children in more than 118 countries.

Inclusiv Ventures is a Joint Venture involving Save the Children Australia and Inclusiv Education's co-founders, John Marsh and Steve Watt.

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