Inclusiv curates Education Technologies for International Development by applying our risk management framework to product evaluations. 

We work with Open Source software wherever practical and we select partners and technologies which are oriented to sustainability and which represent best practice.


When you discuss an Education Technology with us, you can be confident that we have evaluated it on a number of criteria such as ability for content to be developed and maintained locally, support for partial or no-internet environments, the ongoing sustainability of the software or content development model, alignment with Sustainable Development Goals, alignment with evidence for efficacy and many more criteria that we've learned contribute to success in International Development contexts.

Beyond technology selection, we develop scalable delivery partnerships with technology companies and communities so that we can support projects in different countries and languages and so that we can be confident there is a reliable team backing every technology we use in an international development context.

The Inclusiv Learning Platform:


The Inclusiv Learning Platform is based on the Open Source Moodle Learning Management System and tailored for International Development settings.  Moodle is used by more than 50% of the worlds education and training organisations and has truly become 'the world's learning management system'.  

The Inclusiv Learning Platform is ideal for 

  • Teacher Training

  • Professional Learning Circles (professional communities of practice)

  • Community Training & Skill Development

  • Formal Education settings such as Ministries / Departments of Education and Universities 

  • On-Demand learning

  • Managing Education Continuity technologies and content for groups of learners

The Inclusiv Learning Platform is fully supported, you will be able to:

  • Have easy access to our online platform to upload your digitised learning content and build your own courses

  • Enrol students and facilitate learning & training which is interactive and engaging

  • Manage assessment with grading and assessment tools

  • Support a wide range of content including SCORM and multimedia including the option to use video

  • Support On-Demand and Live learning scenarios


Mobile App / Offline

  • Unreliable internet? No problem. Accessibility across mobile devices includes support for offline learning

  • Ready for smart phones and tablet computers

  • Connect and communicate with course trainers and peers

A Platform backed by global experts

The Inclusiv Learning Platform is developed by our specialist EdTech4Development technical team who have previously worked with the world's largest Moodle service providers. 


We support larger projects by extending our team through our ongoing partnerships with globally Certified Moodle Partners.  

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